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Cool Beans - Men’s Health Underwear

The only patented underwear designed specifically to assist with sperm health by reducing testicular heat. A breakthrough in men’s fertility health without the expensive treatments, invasive procedures or embarrassing conversations.

Research shows that male infertility affects nearly half of all infertile couples.

The most common causes for this include: lifestyle factors; problems with sperm production, movement or shape; sperm antibodies; chromosome and DNA abnormalities; hormonal problems; or erectile and ejaculation difficulties.



Scientifically Designed

They have been created after hundreds of hours of research and review, using only information published by peer-reviewed medical journal articles.

Comfortable Everyday Underwear

We never sacrifice form for function. Cool Beans are supportive, superbly designed and constructed, comfortable underwear that still look appealing.

High-Quality Fabric

Natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends with the latest in mesh fibres for a soft, luxurious feeling. Cool Beans reduces heat absorption while still being moisture wicking and comfortable.

Aimed At Improving Male Fertility

With the life cycle of sperm only 72 days, you can improve the quality of your sperm within just a few months, potentially moving towards a successful pregnancy, in a shorter time.

Removing the stigma about male infertility

Little is discussed about male infertility in our society. The Cool Beans philosophy is about educating, inspiring and providing up-to-date insights about the contributing factors to male infertility and proposing evidence-based lifestyle changes to help improve the mental and physical well-being of our customer family.

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